An initiative of women, by women and for women empowers and reintegrates women recovering
from drug addiction into the Afghan society.


Pishraft women’s Business Center (PWBC) is a non-political, independent umbrella organization that works to connect member organizations and companies to technical assistance, economic development and national and international business opportunities.

PWBC seeks to empower women and attain their socio-economic potential by helping them establish and maintain successful and sustainable businesses and empower them to attain their socio-economic potential.

PWBC serves as an umbrella organization to promote bold initiatives, policies and programs designed to support women’s business enterprises at all stages of development -from micro to small to medium enterprises -and create an enabling environment so they can participate in viable market. PWBC will support Afghan women entrepreneurs to gain exposure in domestic and global markets.

مرکز تجارتی زنان پیشرفت مؤسسه غیر سیاسی و مستقل است که به عنوان یک چتر برای مؤسسات و شرکت های عضو خود زمینه استفاده از همکاری های تخنیکی، انکشاف اقتصادی و فرصت های تجارتی ملی و بین المللی را مهیا میسازد

مرکز تجارتی زنان پیشرفت در تلاش است تا زنان را برای بدست آوردن توانایی بالقوه اقتصادی- اجتماعی شان از طریق ایجاد تجارت های مؤفق و پایدار کمک کند.مرکز تجارتی زنان پیشرف به عنوان یک چتر برای ترویج تجارت های با ریسک بالا، پالیسی ها و برنامه های که برای حمایت از فعالیت تجاری زنان در همه رده های اقتصادی – از تجارت های کوچک گرفته تا تجارت های متوسط و    بزرگ و ایجاد محیط مناسب برای اشتراک زنان در بازار، فعالیت میکند 

مرکز تجارتی زنان پیشرفت  زنان تجارت پیشه افغان را برای ظاهر شدن در بازارهای داخلی و بین المللی حمایت خواهد کرد

This farm is around two and half jerib land that located close to Darulaman place. All the farmers are women. Also they are working in preserving of vegetables in new methodologies. we are producing jam, pickles and tomato paste.

The production is organic; it is the first time that women manage a organic farm in Afghanistan.

Also we produce soap, cream and paper in a rose garden .we are in the beginning of this business, but we have our production in this section too.